disinfect anything, anywhere, at any time.


Bee Line’s 360 Degree Misting Application Stops Germs in their Tracks!

It’s all about taking proactive measures when avoiding illness and promoting well-being in your facility. Take the responsible first step with Bee Line Support’s 360 Degree Disinfection Process. Our specially trained teams and surgical-grade misting technology ensures that every square inch of your space will be left spotless!∔

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sneezing coworkers? Smelly locker rooms? coughing children? they’re no match for bee line’s misting technology.

Sit back, relax, and leave the sanitizing to the experts. With our 360 degree misting technology, we can reach every square inch of your facility, including: ceilings, corners, floors, tiles, drapes… the list goes on! Some other benefits include:

  • Kills germ spores for up to 7 months

  • Increases personnel attendance

  • Disinfects high traffic touch points

  • Safe for use on any surface

  • CRI approved to sanitize carpets

  • Eliminates Odors

  • No VOCs - no smell left behind

After one call, enjoy the benefits of our 360 Degree Application including: decreased sickness, improved performance, increased attendance, fresher air, and much more!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now for 20% off your first application today!

The Misting Device in action, vanquishing the old-sneaker-smell!

The Misting Device in action, vanquishing the old-sneaker-smell!


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