Bank & Financial Institution Cleaning Services

It’s about protecting your workforce and clients

Maintaining a clean environment in your bank isn’t just about looks- it’s also about protecting your workforce and clients from the dangerous pathogens that collect on surfaces. Although banks are often perceived to be clean, millions of tiny microbes can gather and replicate quickly throughout the day. The more people that come through your doors, the more germs that can accumulate. With the highest infectious control standards in the industry, Bee Line’s bank cleaning services can help you confidently navigate your day-to-day operations with ongoing disinfection and pathogen control.

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Bank Janitorial Services with Disinfection of High-Touch Points

As a certified medical-grade cleaning company, we have continued to provide infection prevention cleaning and protocol throughout the pandemic. This means that we know what it takes to provide ongoing, efficient cleaning services to your facility. Our commercial cleaning company proudly offers a full spectrum of janitorial services to your bank, some of which includes: 

  • Comprehensive bank cleanup
  • Teller station sanitization
  • 360 degree misting cleaning technology
  • Disinfection of high-touch surfaces 
  • Deep cleaning 
  • Precision floor care and disinfection
  • Wet and dry mopping
  • Bank carpet cleaning services
  • Upholstery bank cleaning services 
  • Dusting and waste management
  • Garbage removal
  • Emergency janitorial services
  • High touch point porters

All of our cleaners are also trained on how to disinfect high-touch points within your bank or financial facility.

Bank Cleaning Focused on Eradicating Infection

Our team of trained professionals understand the importance of quality service, which is why we offer quality control within our commercial cleaning services. That’s good news for you, and bad news for bacteria. The cleaning standards at Bee Line Support are designed with financial institutions and banks in mind, which is why we use the highest infectious control standards in the industry. We’re focused on eradicating germs and pathogens that cause infection, so you can enjoy peace of mind within your workplace. 

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Our Misting & Disinfection Process

What Sets Our Bank and Financial Institution Cleaning Services Apart

Although our cleaning standards are designed for hospitals and surgical suites, we bring that rigor to every facility we service. Bee Line Support has sanitization protocols in place to provide bacteria-busting results that are confirmed with our audits. We utilize fluorescent marking spray, high touch point tracking, and weekly monitoring and review. 

Bee Line Support’s team of commercial cleaning professionals take pride in offering a broad range of expert cleaning capabilities. From day porter services, disinfection misting, and nightly cleaning, you can rest assured that the cleanliness of your financial institution is held to the highest infectious control standards on the market. 

At Bee Line Support, we require extensive background and reference checks, train everyone on high touchpoint areas in our on-site training room, and never subcontract. We also have safety and compliance managers who oversee each team for the security of every facility, so you can feel confident with our team and professionalism.

Although our biggest competitors tend to be nation-wide companies with low price points, their quality reflects this. Bee Line Support doesn’t disappoint. We provide unparalleled attention to detail, exemplary deep cleaning capabilities, outstanding products, well-trained and reliable teams, and stronger customer service all around. 


Professionally Disinfected by…

When you start working with Bee Line Support, you will receive PR material to post across your site to demonstrate your commitment to a clean, safe, and healthy environment. This will help reassure your staff and visitors that you’ve been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected by a professional cleaning company.

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