Operating Room Cleaning

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Bee Line is a reputable certified medical-grade cleaning company that provides exceptional infection prevention to a variety of industries. Our technicians are well versed in the best operating room cleaning practices to ensure that your facility is cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized to the highest levels of cleanliness. We understand the importance of patient safety, which is why we use technologies including HEPA vacuums, EPA certified cleaners, and more.


Operating Room Cleaning Trusted by America’s Top Healthcare Networks

Operating rooms need cleaning and maintenance that other types of facilities don’t. Our commercial cleaning company proudly offers ongoing, efficient cleaning services to stop germs and pathogens in their tracks. With Bee Line’s team in your corner, you can rest easy. As experts in infection control and preventative disinfection, our employees are specially trained to ensure complete customer satisfaction, while also cleaning, disinfecting, and communicating to the highest standards.

Bee Line's Operating Room Cleaning Services

What Sets Our Operating Room Cleaning Services Apart:

We bring the same level of rigor and attention to detail to every facility we service, from operating rooms and cleanrooms to hospitals and more. Our team of highly skilled professionals utilize advanced techniques to eliminate bacteria and keep your facility safe. Bee Line follows strict protocols to maintain the highest level of cleanliness, including consistent audits of our own cleaning procedures. Our bacteria-busting professionals are committed to providing the highest level of service possible.

The commercial cleaning team at Bee Line prides itself on offering a broad range of professional cleaning capabilities, from day porter services, deep cleaning, and nightly cleaning, all of which are held to the highest infectious control standards. We also offer auxiliary capabilities for any project work that needs to be completed onsite. With Bee Line, you can stay confident that your surgical site is cleaned, disinfected, and ready to go.

At Bee Line, we never subcontract. Our employees undergo extensive background and reference checks before being trained using our on-site training room. They understand how to tackle high-touch points to maximize cleaning efficiency and cover every square inch of your facility. We also employ safety and compliance managers to oversee each team for the security of every facility, so you can feel confident with our employees and professionalism.

Some of our biggest competitors are nation-wide companies who offer low prices, and ultimately, cheaper quality. Bee Line is here to pick up the slack when other companies disappoint. We welcome the competition because we always prove an unparalleled attention to detail, contamination control, exemplary cleaning capabilities, outstanding products, well-trained and reliable teams, and stronger customer service all around.

Surprise spills and monumental messes don’t confine themselves to the 9-to-5. When something goes “splat” in the middle of the night, we provide 24/7 emergency services to keep it under control. Just call 312.BEE.LINE, and we’ll deploy a team with equipment right away.


Professionally Disinfected by…

When you start working with Bee Line Support, you will receive PR material to post across your site to demonstrate your commitment to a clean, safe, and healthy environment. This will help reassure your staff and visitors that you’ve been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected by a professional cleaning company.

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