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Blood, Sweat & Tears? Bring It On.

When it comes to surgical cleaning services, not much scares us at Bee Line. That’s because we have the highest sanitation standards, in-depth training and careful processes in place that make terminal-cleaning a breeze. Experience why the top healthcare clients across the Midwest count on Bee Line for all of their surgery cleaning and disinfection needs.

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Black Light Auditing & High-Touch-Point Disinfection

We are one of the few commercial cleaning companies to use High-Level Black Light auditing to ensure total disinfection of all surgery centers. We train all cleaning staff about high-touch points and best practices on how to properly clean them in a surgery setting. Through in-depth review and monitoring, we can guarantee that your space has been left spotless. Read more about this process on our blog!

On-Site Medical Cleaning Training Facility

We are the only medical cleaning company that has built a medical exam suite and bathroom that precisely mimics the dimensions, equipment, design and functionality of a real-life exam and operating room. 

Within our exam and operating room, we host recurring mock trainings to train and test our cleaners, our management, and our leadership. 

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What Sets Our Surgical Cleaning Services Apart:

When health is on the line, you want a qualified company that you can trust to put those pesky pathogens in their place. Our Certified management carries vast knowledge in microbiology, training, medical cleaning standards and surgical cleaning, all through the Association for the Healthcare Environment (AHE)

This training is a three-day workshop to become a “train the trainer” (T-CSCT), capable of training frontline employees and medical cleaning staff. The program is designed to set a level of expertise for managing pathogens and practicing innovative techniques specific to operating rooms. At the end of the course, our T-CSCT managers can:

  • Execute proper sterile room cleaning and disinfecting techniques

  • Practice standard operating room procedures and protocols to prevent the transmission of pathogens

  • Apply critical thinking and decision-making skills specific to OR rooms

  • Communicate effectively with colleagues (nurses, surgeons, medical facility teams)

We proudly partner with ImageFIRST to assure that our supplies are 99.999% clean of common pathogens. This germ-fighting partnership is great for your healthcare facility, and deadly for bacteria.

  1. ImageFIRST’s laundering process meets or exceeds OSHA, CDC, and HLAC standards, and complies with The Joint Commission requirements

  2. Through Triple BioShield Protection technology, all bacteria winds up “dead on contact” for every cloth and rag used

  3. We use brand-new, individually wrapped and sealed cleaning linens for every job to ensure zero cross contamination

  4. All of our cloths meets ImageFIRST’s 5 Point Product Quality System, ensuring: premium products only, the highest sanitation standards, “bright white” standards, individually-packaged, and independent laboratory testing

Our biggest competitors are often nation-wide companies who offer lower price points, and ultimately, cheaper quality. In the grand scheme of business, however, it is found time and again that many of our best and most evangelistic customers come to us after being sorely disappointed by companies like this. We welcome this competition because we always prove an unparalleled attention to detail, exemplary cleaning capabilities, outstanding products, well-trained and reliable teams, and stronger customer service all around.

Surprise spills and monumental messes don’t confine themselves to the 9-to-5. When something goes “splat” in the night, we provide 24/7 emergency services to keep it under control. Just call 312.BEE.LINE, and we’ll deploy a team with equipment right away.

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Professionally Disinfected by…

When you start working with Bee Line Support, you will receive PR material to post across your site to demonstrate your commitment to a clean, safe, and healthy environment. This will help reassure your staff and visitors that you’ve been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected by a professional cleaning company.

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