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Bee Line Support is a certified medical-grade cleaning company equipped with the knowledge, supplies, and protocol necessary to disinfect and decontaminate your cleanrooms after each use. Our technicians are well-versed in the best cleaning practices to ensure that your cleanroom is returned to the frequency you need to accomplish certain procedures, testing, research, and manufacturing.

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To make sure that the cleanroom achieves the necessary frequency of sanitation, it’s important to implement the correct procedures. We use technologies, including HEPA vacuums, EPA-certified cleaners, and advanced misting systems to clean, disinfect, and deodorize every type of cleanroom setting.  We can also offer flexible scheduling to accommodate different needs and avoid disruption to your working schedule.

Bee Line's Black Light Auditing System

What Sets Our Cleanroom Cleaning Services Apart:

Our cleaning standards are designed for hospitals and surgical suites, and we bring that rigor to every facility we service. Our bacteria-busting professionals clean millions of square feet spanning a range of industries nightly. Bee Line has many protocols in place to consistently audit our own cleaning procedures for cleanrooms through fluorescent marking spray, high-touch point tracking, and weekly monitoring and review.

The commercial cleaning professional team at Bee Line prides itself on offering a broad range of expert cleaning capabilities, from day porter services to deep cleaning, and nightly cleaning, all of which are held to the highest infectious control standards. We also offer auxiliary capabilities for any project work that needs to be completed while onsite, including (and not limited to) floor care, deep cleaning, construction clean-up, emergency services, product services, and more.

At Bee Line, we never subcontract, require extensive background and reference checks, and train everyone on high-touch points and target cleaning in our own on-site training room at our headquarters. We also have Safety and Compliance Managers overseeing each team for the security of every facility, and we host weekly and monthly meetings to check in with all staff.

Surprise spills and monumental messes don’t confine themselves to the 9-to-5. When something goes “splat” in the night, we provide 24/7 emergency services to keep it under control. Just call 312.BEE.LINE, and we’ll deploy a team with equipment right away.

Our biggest competitors are often nationwide companies who offer lower price points and, ultimately, cheaper quality. In the grand scheme of business, however, it is found time and again that many of our best and most evangelistic customers come to us after being sorely disappointed by companies like this. We welcome this competition because we always provide unparalleled attention to detail, contamination control, exemplary cleaning capabilities, outstanding products, well-trained and reliable teams, and stronger customer service all around.


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When you start working with Bee Line Support, you will receive PR material to post across your site to demonstrate your commitment to a clean, safe, and healthy environment. This will help reassure your staff and visitors that you’ve been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected by a professional cleaning company.

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