Could Light be the Key to Determining Cleanliness? The Important Technology That's Lighting the Way to Cleaner Surfaces

What do door handles, light switches, cabinet doors, and toilet handles all have in common?

Aside from being in every building that you enter, each of these objects have earned the not-so-glamorous classification as "High Touch Surfaces". This means that they're the central hub for hundreds of touches from different people and hands on a daily basis.

Statistically, each of us will touch over 300 surfaces every 30 minutes... so if you multiply that by the number of employees you share a bathroom with... well, I'll just let you do the math on that one.

Luckily, there is a light at the end of the germ-filled tunnel in all of this. Literally!

Black Lights are the New Black

Black lights aren't just for clubs and dorm rooms anymore! UV Lights are now being used as one of the most effective methods for viewing high touch surfaces, and how clean they truly are. Through advancements in cleaning and monitoring technology, savvy cleaning crews are harnessing the power of sight to detect high-trafficked landscapes, and then build a cleaning routine that will focus on cleaning these areas efficiently.

Introducing, The VeriClean Audit System


Image of black light technology that finds and fights germs


Remember the adage, "Seeing is Believing"? When it comes to auditing your environment for cleanliness, that statement could not be more true!  

The VeriClean Audit System uses fluorescent marking spray and UV lighting equipment to mark and track high touch points, and ensure that cleaning crews are cleaning these spaces thoroughly. 

Here's how the auditing mission goes down:

1) The Auditor (typically a CMIP Certified manager) applies fluorescent spray to all high touch surfaces throughout the room (without the cleaning team any the wiser)

2) Later that day, the cleaning team goes about their job, cleaning and disinfecting the room as they normally would

3) The next day, the Auditor will return and shine a black light on the cleaned space, thereby revealing any spots that the cleaning crew may have missed

4) Results are then logged electronically, and reviewed and acted upon by the team (thereby ensuring proactive quality standards)


When contemplating the future of your company's health and sanitation, take into consideration whether or not your cleaning crew is utilizing a "Weapon of Mass Disinfection" that is as sophisticated as the VeriClean Audit System. You may be surprised (and grossed-out) by what is missed without it! 


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