Bee Line Announced as a 2022 Winner of the American Best in Business Awards

Globee Award
Bee Line Support, Inc. is proud to announce that they’ve been named the winner of the 7th Annual 2022 Globee® American Best in Business Awards. The Globee® Business Awards are the world’s premier business awards, consisting of nine different awards programs. Bee Line is proud and humbled to accept this award and couldn’t have done it without their team of dedicated, hard-working individuals.

About The Globee® Awards

Created in 2003, the Globee® Awards aim to recognize the accomplishments and contributions of companies and business professionals around the world. Their nine different programs include American Best in Business Awards, Business Excellence Awards, CEO World Awards®, Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards®, Disrupter Awards, Golden Bridge Awards®, Information Technology World Awards®, Sales, Marketing, Service, and Operations Awards, and the Women World Awards®. Each year, nominations are reviewed by more than 70 industry peers and experts to determine the winner by the average scores. You can learn more about the judging and awards process here. The American Best in Business Awards (ABiB) aims to honor businesses and professionals in every industry throughout America. The ABiB awards were created as a way to recognize the achievements of an organization’s teams, company performance, products services, marketing, and more. All businesses, whether large, small, or startups, can submit nominations. The American Best in Business Awards includes nominees across government, private, public, for-profit, and non-profit sectors. Categories honor achievements in every aspect of business and work life.

Bee Line Globee® Winner

Bee Line is a mid-sized, medical-grade commercial cleaning company that has been providing Chicagoland with high-quality services for over 50 years. While there have been hardships, everything changed when COVID-19 started to impact the U.S. Bee Line knew that they needed to act quickly to support their clients’ health alongside the health and wellbeing of their entire frontline staff. Luckily, since they bring medical-grade cleaning expertise to all sites, they have Certified Managers of Infection Prevention on staff who train their teams and meet with clients on deep cleaning and effective sanitation. The Globee® Awards have named Bee Line Support a Premier Diversity Supplier & Consumer Service Hero of the Year, making them the winners of the 7th Annual 2022 American Best in Business Awards. Bee Line was recognized for acting quickly to help support both their clients’ health and the health and wellbeing of their entire frontline staff throughout the pandemic. Bee Line has been bringing medical-grade cleaning expertise to all of their clients long before the pandemic. Their team of Certified Managers of Infection Prevention allowed them to be fully trained and prepared for any scenario. This preparation was demonstrated when the global pandemic began, and they’ve continued to provide unbeatable service and safety to several industries in need. Bee Line is a commercial cleaning company trusted by America’s top healthcare networks. They’re headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, and are one of the only certified, medical-grade cleaning companies in the region. However, they bring the same rigor to every sector they serve. With the combined knowledge and adaptive nature of their entire leadership team, Bee Line was able to respond swiftly and effectively at the onset of the pandemic. They pivoted their operations, communicated with their team and clients constantly, and approached every single client call with confidence throughout the entire time. Thanks to their adaptive nature and commitment to high-quality, medical-grade commercial cleaning techniques, Bee Line has experienced regional expansion and growth while many other cleaning companies have had to close their doors. Due to the increasing demands from the pandemic, Bee Line knew that they needed to update their services and allow for round-the-clock help. The leadership team built out a support task force that was ready and willing to work at all hours of the day, no matter the size of the project or client. Before COVID-19, everyone knew how important cleaning was, but it wasn’t an essential task for businesses. Now that things have shifted, cleaning and sanitizing remain one of the most essential tasks for businesses. Bee Line also has a keen eye for hiring for diversity and promotion within, and they were able to hire essential workers and further cleaning staff when many other companies were cutting back. Bee Line is dedicated to improving the image and quality of their client’s facilities while providing their employees with safe, rewarding work and opportunities for advancement. The combination of Bee Line’s core features—high-quality cleaning measures, the ability to handle challenges and adapt to situations, and a diverse staff led by leaders who support employee growth—has allowed them to grow and set a precedent of excellence. Their diligence to maintain these values, even throughout the scariest of times, is one of the reasons they were nominated and awarded the 7th Annual American Best in Business Award. You can learn more about their services here, or contact them today to receive a quote.

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