A Comprehensive School Bathroom Cleaning Guide

School Bathroom Cleaning

Students of every age deserve a well cleaned and sanitized bathroom to use at school, especially in the midst of a pandemic. Since a majority of students and parents express concern that poorly maintained buildings—including the bathroom—can create distractions to the educational experience, cleanliness is something that should be prioritized. Unfortunately, close to half of high school students rate their school bathrooms’ cleanliness as poor, while only 6% see them as being in excellent condition on a regular basis. To get the most out of your efforts and help students reduce the spread of COVID-19, it’s important to utilize a comprehensive school bathroom cleaning guide regularly.

How to Keep A School Bathroom Clean

Cleaning a school bathroom should be approached with a similar mentality to cleaning other facility areas. Prioritizing hard-to-reach areas, high-touch points, and utilizing effective sanitization procedures is essential to successfully eradicate germs and maintain a healthy appearance. Start with a visual inspection and clean up any large items, debris, or biohazards in the area. Make sure that you properly dispose of biohazards and if needed, work with a professional to avoid exposure to harmful substances or bodily fluids. This will help you streamline the cleaning and sanitizing process once you begin. Next, utilize these 8 tips to create a successful school bathroom cleaning guide

1. Start with a Pre-Cleaning Technique

After removing larger items and physical debris, begin cleaning your school bathroom with a pre-clean. This will include removing any visible signs of dirt, dust, and smaller pieces of debris. Doing this ahead of time will make the cleaning and disinfecting process easier and reduce the chance of transporting germs from surface to surface. Cleaning is different than disinfecting and sanitizing, but all three are important for comprehensive school bathroom cleaning. Make sure that you’re using fresh rags and microfiber towels during this initial pre-clean to remove as many germs from surfaces as possible.

Sanitize School Bathroom

2. Give Special Attention to Toilets and Sinks

Next, you’re going to want to work on cleaning the toilets and sinks. Make sure that you utilize a strong, EPA-approved disinfectant cleaner to fully eradicate harmful pathogens. There are different cleaners used across different surfaces, so make sure that you have the right equipment before getting started. You should clean the inside of the toilet first, then the outside, followed by the floor area around the base of the toilet and beyond. Professional cleaning companies also recommend including the walls in the bathroom stalls and around urinals for the most comprehensive clean.

3. Wipe Down Countertops, Mirrors, and Sinks

Next, move on to the countertops, mirrors, and sinks in school bathrooms. Using the appropriate cleaners, start with the mirrors and work your way down. Include the walls on either side of the mirrors and around any countertops during this process. By working from top to bottom you’ll make sure that cross-contamination is limited, and cleaning is more efficient. Take the time to really get in between faucets and handles and include the edging and underside of everything. A comprehensive school bathroom cleaning regimen requires strong attention to detail and patience. After cleaning these areas, clean the entire floor with a strong disinfectant.

4. Finish with Disinfectant Misting

Once you’ve cleaned the toilets, urinals, countertops, mirrors, sinks, and floors, finish with disinfectant misting to ensure that no corner is left untouched. The Kärcher PS 4/7 Bp hospital-grade misting system is the perfect tool to make sure that every square inch of your school’s bathroom is thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and ready to be used by students. Bee Line offers disinfectant misting services in comprehensive cleaning services for schools and can help you make the most out of your sanitization efforts.

5. Upgrade to Touchless Appliances

If the budget allows for upgrades, consider investing in touchless appliances. By installing motion sensor soap dispensers, faucets, and dryers, you’ll reduce the number of surfaces that are touched by students and therefore, reduce the number of germs that accumulate throughout the day.

6. Keep the Essentials Stocked

Always make sure that the soap dispensers are full, towels are readily available and toilet paper is nearby. Taking the effort to keep these items stocked will help students use the restrooms properly and may actually decrease vandalism or general angst. Keep them stored somewhere nearby and have a janitor or teacher regularly check on the stock throughout the day.

7. Maintain a Regular Cleaning Schedule

While many schools try to utilize in-house cleaning techniques to keep their bathrooms clean, sometimes you need a professional. By working with a professional cleaning company like Bee Line, you’ll be more likely to maintain a regular cleaning schedule, thus keeping your bathrooms sanitized and safe for use.

8. Encourage Proper Handwashing

One of the best ways to make sure your school bathroom cleaning efforts are successful is to encourage the proper handwashing techniques by students and faculty. One of the best ways to reduce the spread of germs and keep your school healthy is to wash your hands regularly throughout the day—especially before and after using the bathroom. This helps to keep everyone protected, regardless of the degree of cleanliness of the bathrooms. Promote the CDC guidelines for proper handwashing by keeping signs posted in the restrooms and utilizing hand sanitizing stations throughout the school for mid-day germ eradication.

While we’d like to hope that busy school faculty and internal staff will do what they can to keep school bathrooms clean, it’s not always possible. In the midst of scheduling, teaching, grading, and supervising the children, cleaning the bathroom isn’t on the top of anyone’s priority list. To help keep your students proud of your school, motivated to learn, and safe from dangerous viruses and bacteria, work with a professional cleaning company like Bee Line. Bee Line offers deep cleaning services for schools using the highest-quality material and procedures. We utilize state-of-the-art HEPA filter vacuums, Green Seal-certified disinfectants, and microfiber towels to eliminate bacteria completely. To help keep every surface clean and germ-free throughout the school year, Bee Line offers disinfectant misting using the Kärcher PS 4/7 Bp hospital-grade misting system. For all-day protection, our disinfecting porters are available to target high-touch areas, so your school is kept clean, sanitized, and safe, especially during the ongoing battles with COVID-19. If you’re ready to switch to a cleaning company that you can trust, Bee Line is here for you. All of our employees are pre-screened, professional, and always work with integrity.

Bee Line also offers high-quality, comprehensive school janitorial services that include upholstery-cleaning services, carpet cleaning services, vacuuming, and garbage removal. To make sure that no spot goes un-cleaned, Bee Line uses quality control cleaning, routine management inspections, and continual onsite training for our employees. To learn more about Bee Line’s deep cleaning procedures for schools, contact one of our representatives today.

Call Bee Line at 312-BEE-LINE or message us today to get started on the path to cleanliness!

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