Bee Line Support Presents at the 46th Annual APIC Conference: Not Just a Cleaner, But Your Frontline Defense

Bee Line Support had the honor of presenting at the 46th Annual APIC Conference (Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology) hosted in Philadelphia, PA. This three-day conference is one of the largest and most renowned gatherings of infection prevention professionals in the world!

As a leader in Healthcare Cleaning and Infection Control, Bee Line Support  was honored to be invited to present our extensive research and discoveries regarding onsite infection prevention from a first-hand perspective. As one of the few cleaning companies to attend and present at the conference, Bee Line was proud to demonstrate our commitment to constantly growing, educating and implementing all of the new, cutting-edge infection prevention approaches and research that are making waves today.

Our CMIP Certified Safety and Compliance Manager, Tom Klimaszewski, presented our poster abstract titled: “Not Just a Cleaner, But Your Frontline Defense”. The premise of our research focused on Environmental Service employees, and how important it is for them to recognize their significance in preventing illness. Our cleaners truly are the frontline defense in medical settings, which is why we work so hard to train, educate and inspire them to clean to the best of their abilities, every single time.

The Research

Through specific work practices and specialized training, our employees were educated on infection control measures, specifically within a healthcare setting. All of our management (who must be certified in the Mastery of Infection Prevention) conducted a series of audits with Fluorescent marking spray to systematically track performance of the disinfection processes.

We then collected data by identifying whether the Fluorescent marking spray was fully removed, partially removed, or not removed from high-touch points using a three-star grading system. A total of 77 audits were performed with a quality objective of 2,542 points.  Our Environmental Service employees scored 2,310 points and a total 91% with a deficiency count of 42.  We found that light switch plates and cabinet door handles were two high-touch point areas with the highest deficiency count (meaning they were missed the most – an important note for any cleaning employee!).

Our Findings

A comprehensive training program is absolutely critical for infection control measures to be carried out effectively. Not only training about how to clean effectively, but also training our employees about the high responsibility that they carry as an Environmental Service employee. It is vital for cleaners to understand that they are an integral part of infection control – they’re truly the frontline defense.  This positive shift in mindset and focus on education will be the future of infection prevention, and the future of the safety and health of patients and employees alike.

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