How to Pivot Your Campaign Planning During COVID-19

As we all learn to coexist and hopefully continue to prosper during this pandemic, it’s important to consider how to pivot your campaign planning to continue to resonate with your audience and attract the right kind of attention. At Bee Line, we have been fighting on the frontlines of health throughout the pandemic, and have seen a lot of success in embracing the trials and tribulations in order to better educate, sell to, and connect with our community. Consider following these three marketing concepts in order to remain agile and successful in your campaign efforts.

Offer Value No Matter What

At the beginning of the year, it became clear that COVID-19 would not be going away anytime soon, so rather than choose to shy away from discussion around the virus, we ramped up our marketing efforts. We did so strategically, primarily addressing COVID-19 mitigation, and education around it, as well as building realistic solutions for every type of client and audience member so they felt supported and taken care of. If this style of communication is done right, it will completely set you apart from our competitors.

How you choose to offer value-adds throughout the pandemic is up to you and your business style, but ignoring it completely would be a big mistake. As a Medical-Grade Commercial Cleaning Company, addressing disinfection protocol, infection control, and at-home techniques for disease mitigation is truly our niche and expertise, so aligning campaigns along COVID prevention felt like a helpful, value-added option.

Consider the Frequency of Your Campaigns

Another big adjustment has been the frequency of our outbound marketing. We chose to shave some time and budget away from time-consuming marketing tasks, like direct mailings, in order to increase immediate one-on-one communication, like email conversations with clients, employees, job seekers, and the community. And the best part? None of this has required an insane budget increase – it’s just a more streamlined focus on building solutions, sharing them, and offering amazing customer service every step of the way.

Study Your Consumers

As far as consumer insights go, we pay a LOT of attention to every single customer that comes in and what their pain points are. Most likely, if one person is worried about high-touch points and how to clean them, many people are. So we work strategically and build a full marketing campaign around teaching and solving this pain point, thereby showing our expertise, putting our customers at ease, and attracting new customers that would like this type of service.

The best advice we can offer is to focus on what you currently have, and what you can realistically do right now to help your customer.

Ask yourself: Who are your current clients, and what could you say, do, or offer to reassure them of your value and loyalty during these outbreaks?

Who are your ideal clients, and what could your company say, do, or offer that would set you apart from your competitors?

Who are your current employees, and what could you say, do, or offer to demonstrate your loyalty, flexibility, and support during these times?

If you come up with strong solutions for each segment above, your campaign planning and customer communication are already way ahead of the curve and guaranteed to be heard by the right people.

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