Bee Line’s CEO is honored for the Enterprising Women of the Year Award

Bee Line’s CEO, Jamie Henry, is honored to be nominated for the Enterprising Women of the Year Award

The 2021 Enterprising Women of the Year Awards Celebration and Conference is a time for some of the most dynamic, innovative female entrepreneurs to connect, share their knowledge, and celebrate their success. It’s an excellent opportunity for those involved to discuss trade concepts while benefiting from rewarding networking opportunities. Being nominated for this prestigious award is an honor and winning the Enterprising Women of the Year Award offers lifetime recognition. 2021 marks the 19th Annual Enterprising Women of the Year Awards and it will be held from November 14-16, 2021, at the Wyndham Grand Clearwater Beach in Florida.

The ceremony is held in conjunction with a conference, which allows participants to engage in ambassadors and show their support for the mission of the Enterprising Women foundation—to reflect and amplify the voices of entrepreneurial women; to share their stories of risk and success; to chronicle their growing political, economic, and social influence and power; to celebrate their triumphs; to provide solutions to their problems; and to identify and promote a new generation of leaders, along with role models and mentors for tomorrow’s leaders.

What is the Enterprising Women of the Year Award?

The Enterprising Women of the Year Award is widely recognized as the most prestigious global award recognition for accomplished women entrepreneurs. Winning this award is an honor. It signifies that you stand apart from your peers as a leader in your community, a mentor to giving back and that you’ve built a financially stable business that continues to experience growth. The Enterprising Women Conference is unique in that its attendees are limited to big thinkers who have been major drivers to change in the business world. The conference lasts for three days, but participants who attend will carry the feeling of accomplishment for years to come.

About Jamie Henry

Jamie Henry incorporated Bee Line in October of 1997 based on her belief in her people, dedication to customers, guiding values, and unwavering work ethic. She was entering an already-daunting entrepreneurial world as a female business owner in the primarily male-dominated $115 billion cleaning industry. Needless to say, she faced a lot of competition. To this day, Bee Line has survived a global pandemic, multiple market crashes, and a highly competitive hiring pool.

Jamie has worked extremely hard to get to where she is today. The odds of success within this industry are slim, while the odds of persevering are even slimmer.

In addition to running Bee Line, Jamie works as a mentor to Bee Line’s primarily female-led organization and consistently contributes to the success of other women and budding leaders in Chicago. She is extremely adamant about serving as a mentor to other females in the business community, as well as providing opportunities for all rising leaders and entrepreneurs throughout Chicago, especially through her involvement in YPO and WBE.

Jamie not only overcame these adversities and setbacks but thrived off the challenge of breaking glass ceilings and fully disrupting this commonly antiquated industry. She did this all while growing her company into the multi-million-dollar, multi-state medical cleaning leader it’s known as today. This success for Bee Line didn’t happen overnight, though. It was driven by Jamie’s unwavering vision for the company and her employees.

Information on Bee Line’s Company Culture and Innovative Methods

Bee Line’s culture is centered around its employees. Jamie understood that the best way to achieve her vision for Bee Line was to center it around the right people. Bee Line is comprised of 500 dedicated team members who meet the highest quality standards. Bee Line is one of the very few organizations in this industry that doesn’t sub-contract and the low turnover rate is coupled with high customer satisfaction. Jamie and the rest of the executive team believe and support their people 100%.

To further strengthen the company culture at Bee Line, Jamie ensures that there are plenty of initiatives for recognition and rewards. These initiatives include yearly bonuses, weekly spotlights to frontline workers, Team-Member-of-the-Month awards—in which an employee will receive an award, gift card, and accolades—monthly birthday celebrations, holiday celebrations, and bi-yearly parties to celebrate their successes.

Another substantial portion of Bee Line’s rapid growth and success stems from Jamie’s insistence upon diversity in hiring and promoting from within. She believes that diversity in the professional cleaning industry pushes the needle forward by innovating, scaling up to meet demand, partnering to expand capabilities, and donating to help communities and frontline workers when in need. Jamie achieves this through massive hiring initiatives throughout impoverished or underprivileged regions of Chicago. Recently Bee Line’s headquarters relocated to East Pilsen, IL to dedicate the company to helping local job seekers. Some of the neighborhoods around the headquarters have the highest unemployment rates out of the Chicago empowerment zip codes (in recognition of ‘Skills for Chicagoland’s Future’ zoning). Jamie always makes sure that the company considers new possibilities and opportunities to give back and promote inclusive economic growth throughout the city.

Additionally, the methods that are used at Bee Line are innovative and targeted toward solving problems and shortcomings in the industry. While many professional cleaning companies stop at janitorial work, Bee Line goes above and beyond to provide specialized cleaning, especially in healthcare settings. Bee Line’s employees are therefore trained and educated in bacterial, viral, and disease cleaning eradication. Using a training simulation center at Bee Line’s headquarters, staff and managers alike can practice new cleaning techniques, work on perfecting their trade, and train new employees.

Bee Line Cleaning requires CMIP (Certificate of Mastery in Infection Prevention) Certified Management for many facility sites. These managers carry vast knowledge in microbiology, precautionary safety measures, and infection prevention throughout all stages of disinfection and train all cleaning staff on all infection prevention protocols. To take cleaning measures above and beyond, Bee Line uses Black Light auditing to make sure that no surface is left untouched. They’re a proud partner with ImageFIRST, meaning that they have a strict process for cleaning and managing supplies. This process is unique, yet effective. It guarantees that supplies are 99.9% clean of common pathogens, exceeds OSHA and CDC standards, and complies with Joint Commission requirements.

Bee Line has been recognized as the region’s leader in medical cleaning and infection prevention and isn’t slowing down any time soon.

Jamie is proud to be nominated for The Enterprising Women of the Year Award and reminds us that you should never apologize for working towards your goals. In an interview conducted for this award, Jamie stated: “Don’t ever be apologetic for speaking your mind, speaking up, or speaking out for what you believe in or what you’re setting out to accomplish. Too often I see female entrepreneurs beginning with apologies or working too hard to fit in when what they really need to focus on is delivering exactly what they want to say.”

To learn more about Bee Line or inquire about their services, call 312-BEE-LINE or send them a message today to get started on the path to cleanliness!

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