Bee Line Support Opens Groundbreaking Medical Cleaning Training Facility

Don’t Just Meet Expectation. Exceed Them with our Demo Exam Room and Medical Training Suite

At Bee Line Support, we will never play it small. Whether we’re expanding our team to cover 150 new medical locations, certifying our management in the top infection prevention education, or putting protocols in place to audit our own cleaning staff, we will stop at nothing to prove our unparalleled value.  

This dedication to being the highest-rated medical cleaning team in the Midwest is exactly what prompted our latest project. After moving our operations to a brand-new Headquarters in Chicago in the beginning of 2018, we had a lot of decisions to make about how best to utilize our space.

With an ever-growing portfolio of medical and surgical clientele, we decided that we could truly up the ante by building out a more hands-on training process, guaranteeing the best-trained and highest-quality cleaning team around.

Which brings us to this very moment.

Drum roll please…. because we are now able to introduce our brand-new, fully operating Demo Exam Room and Training Suite!  

See images below of the entire endeavor, from start to finish:

Thanks to the advice and guidance of our valued customer, Advocate Aurora Health, we were able to build a medical exam suite and bathroom that precisely mimics the dimensions, equipment, design and functionality of a real-life exam room. We are talking the same tile, the same back splash, everything. No detail was too small for this build-out.

In addition to identical specs, we acquired and outfitted the room with up-to-date medical equipment which stages an ideal simulation-center for us to train our employees, management, and leadership.

With this new demo facility up and running, we have a wide variety of training opportunities available. Some of the training protocol that we will be rolling out for 2019 include:

  • Mock Cleaning Simulations: We will test our cleaning faculty on their knowledge of high touch points, proper chemical use, application techniques, cleaning efficiency, and competency in all categories of sanitation and proper disinfection

  • Test Upper Management and Leadership: Don’t think we’ve forgotten about the top dogs! We hold all employees, no matter their title, to the same standards, and will be testing our upper management and leadership on their knowledge of cleaning protocol and high-touch points as well.

  • Teach About the Often-Overlooked Nooks and Crannies: We have learned that there are many overlooked spots throughout the medical room that needs closer attention when cleaning. Now we will offer hands-on lessons about how to access these, and how to safely and efficiently disinfect everything

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Training: We can now demonstrate proper PPE donning and doffing in a controlled environment

  • Cleaning Route: We will teach staff how to properly conduct a full terminal clean, moving throughout the room in a way that’s most productive and safe, leaving the room completely spotless once they’re done.

  • Invite Infection Prevention Experts Out: We are especially excited about the opportunity to invite Environmental Services Experts and Infection Prevention Leaders out to our facility to conduct seminars, training, and keep us up-to-date about changes in medical equipment, proper utilization of chemicals, and all other necessary precautionary cleaning measures.

With the roll-out of our new Demo Exam Room and Bathroom comes many exciting opportunities! From training our team to partnering with experts in infection prevention, we know that this new training facility will keep us far ahead of the competition and continue to keep us on the cutting edge of clean!   

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