How Preventative Cleaning Services Can Make Your Assets Last Longer

Commercial cleaning is an essential way to ensure that your business looks clean while providing a healthy environment for employees and clients alike. While many large businesses hire janitorial services for day-to-day tasks like taking out the garbage and tidying up, it’s important to go beyond surface-level spills to eradicate pathogens. Managing an office, running a school, or navigating the warehouse industry requires a lot of work. Unfortunately, with a growing to-do list and the task of furthering your organization’s goals, cleaning can become an afterthought. Yet the long-term results of keeping your company clean and properly maintained are well worth the effort. This is where preventative cleaning services come in handy. Here, we’ll provide an in-depth guide on how preventative maintenance plans can help you protect your assets and save you money on overhead costs.

What are Preventative Cleaning Services?

Every business is unique and requires different services to keep its space clean, safe, and healthy. Warehousing industries will require different cleaning services than offices and schools, which means you need a preventative cleaning plan that’s tailored to your needs. Preventative cleaning services are those that provide consistent, professional results to help prolong the use of your supplies, space, and equipment. These can include everything from vacuuming and dusting, trash removal, and hazardous waste cleanup, to regular deep cleans with sanitizing efforts.

Utilizing janitorial cleaning services is also an important part of preventative cleaning, as it reduces the risk that smaller messes and spills can stain your floors or damage the building. By incorporating a comprehensive cleaning program that includes various levels of disinfection, you’ll create a positive environment that’s free from pathogens while reducing the risk of on-site accidents.

Areas of Focus for Preventative Cleaning Services

Each preventative cleaning service is unique based on the industry and your company’s general needs. Some of the most important services are those that will help you prolong the life of your assets, especially regarding furniture, flooring, and the building itself. When looking for a professional cleaning company to assist you with these tasks, ask about the following areas.

1. Hard Flooring

While hard flooring is considered optimal in buildings that are more susceptible to spills, their lifespan can still diminish with improper care. Similarly, they’re not immune from a mess. Tiny particles of grime, dirt, and dust can build up on hard floors, turning your space into a cesspool of pathogens that omits an uninviting tone. The longer these particles are left on the floor, the more they’re being dragged around by employees or clients traversing your building. Over time, this can create tiny scratches on the surface of hard floors that build up and degrade the overall look of the material. If your space requires the use of heavy equipment, these can also cause damages that worsen when combined with spills or stains. To keep your floors looking their best and reduce your risk of needing a premature replacement, preventative cleaning services such as deep cleaning, waxing, and polishing can help.

2. Carpet

Carpeting that’s installed throughout your building is also vulnerable to damage. This is especially true in areas that receive a lot of foot traffic. Carpet that’s been installed for years begins to fade, fray, and is more susceptible to showing old stains that weren’t properly cleaned. This, in conjunction with the odors that become trapped in the fibers, can severely hinder the overall aesthetics of your organization. With preventative cleaning services, carpets are deep cleaned regularly to keep them in the best condition possible. Deep cleaning also helps to revitalize areas of your carpet that are used most often, making it a great way to elongate the time between replacements or updates.

3. Upholstery

While a lot of furniture within a business tends to be solid—desks, bookshelves, filing cabinets—there are still plenty of upholstered items. Whether you have a seating area for clients, ergonomic chairs for employees, or drapes and ottomans, properly maintaining these items is the key to keeping them in good condition. Rather than replacing worn-out upholstery every year, utilize preventative cleaning services to address different fabrics. Since each type of fabric tends to require specific care, working with a professional will ensure that you use the proper cleaning techniques and supplies for delicate, yet effective results.

4. Grout

Tiling is a durable flooring material that can add a stylish touch to a business’s environment, but the grout in between tiling is highly susceptible to deterioration. Grout is a very porous material that tends to contract and expand depending on the temperatures and humidity levels. This increases the risk of liquids being absorbed, which in turn increases the risk of mold spores. The longer that grout goes without being properly cleaned, the harder it is to restore to its original condition. Preventative cleaning services can help ensure that your grout stays looking its best, regardless of if it’s on floors, in the kitchen, or throughout the bathroom. This investment will elongate the life of your grout while allowing you to project a clean, sanitized impression on clients and employees alike.

5. Air Ducts

The heating and cooling systems in your organization are often an afterthought unless they stop working. To keep your appliances running and improve the air quality that circulates throughout your building, ongoing cleaning of your air ducts is recommended. Not only will this elongate the life of your system, but it also reduces the number of particles that are dispersed into the workspace, which can help employees stay healthy and productive throughout the year.

6. Cleanroom Cleaning

Industries that utilize cleanrooms require preventative cleaning services to decontaminate the space after each use. This allows for optimal conditions in medical and research laboratories that are required for services to be carried out. Cleanroom cleaning services should always include the use of advanced misting systems to clean and deodorize every type of surface.

7. Terminal Exam Rooms

Similarly, terminal exam rooms require comprehensive, in-depth medical cleaning services. These are typically reserved for contaminated exam rooms, operating rooms, and medical clinics and utilize the highest surgical-grade disinfectants on appropriate surfaces.

Preventative cleaning services are a great way to ensure that your company assets stay in good condition for as long as possible. They also help protect the health and safety of your workforce, thus increasing organizational productivity and reducing sick days. To ensure that you’re fighting pathogens and staying in line with the CDC recommendations for ongoing cleaning procedures, work with a reputable cleaning company like Bee Line Support. Our professionals are dedicated to delivering unbeatable cleaning and sanitizing services to offices, warehouses, schools, healthcare facilities, surgical sites, operating rooms, and beyond. While our disinfecting porters can help you with keeping your facility safe throughout the day, we also understand that anything can happen at any time—surprise spills and monumental messes don’t confine themselves to the 9 – 5 hours. That’s why we provide 24/7 emergency services. If something goes “splat” in the middle of the night, you can count on Bee Line Support to have a team with the proper equipment ready to clean it up.

To partner with Bee Line Support, the region’s only medical-grade cleaning company, contact us today. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive quote for your cleaning needs and ensure that your site is left 100% clean, sanitized, and disinfected to help reduce exposure to harmful bacteria and viruses. Call Bee Line Support at 312-BEE-LINE or message us today.

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