9 Benefits of Keeping a Regular Office Cleaning Schedule

Why Office Cleaning is Important

You might not think that keeping your office clean and sanitized is a top priority, but it is. Now more than ever, both employees and clients are starting to prioritize cleanliness and health at work. While a lot of office managers don’t think their building is dirty, there are plenty of places for germs, dirt, dust, and grime to seep in and go unnoticed. Think about your carpet, the bathrooms, the ceiling tiles, and those hard-to-reach corners. When is the last time you really gave them a good clean? To get the most out of your business, you need to start putting together a plan. In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of regular office cleaning and how you can help increase the overall productivity and profit in your office.

Benefits of Regular Office Cleanings

Aside from the obvious, there are a few benefits of systematic office cleanings that many people don’t tend to consider. For instance, you’ll not only experience fewer employee sick days, but you’ll also save money. Read these 9 benefits of regular office cleanings to learn more.

1. Fewer Employee Sick Days

When you work on consistently cleaning your office building, you’ll reap the benefit of fewer employee sick days. Clean offices are harder for germs to set in and spread from employee to employee. Not only will this help keep your staff healthy, but it will also benefit your business. The more sick days that your employees take, the more money your business loses. This is because when employees take unplanned absences, it disrupts the overall productivity of an office and often seeps into sales and customer service.

When productivity, sales, or customer service falls, your profits fall. Fewer employee sick days should be reason enough to schedule regular office cleaning, but there are more.

2. Improves the Health of Your Clients

Even though your clients aren’t likely to spend hours upon hours in your business’ office, cleanliness matters. Imagine the feedback you’d get if every time a client entered your office, they got sick or developed respiratory side effects. When you regularly clean your office, the main difference that outsiders will notice is the improvements in air quality. This is a huge factor in reducing employee sick days, but it will also help keep the health of your clients in good standing.

Indoor air pollutants are much greater than those outside, largely because of the confined space. In addition to making sure that your office is regularly cleaned and disinfected, consider getting some plants to help filter out air pollutants in your office.

3. Creates a Safer Environment

When you opt for environmentally friendly cleaning options, your employees will breathe fewer toxic chemicals and be exposed to fewer pathogens. Many companies, like Bee Line Support, are opting for green alternatives, as it creates a safer environment. Remember, fresh air is important for so many reasons, so making it a priority will help you and your employees succeed.

4. Gives Your Business a Professional Look

No client has ever walked into a dirty office building, looked around, and wanted to continue working with the company. Dirty businesses are unprofessional and create a negative connotation for clients and prospective clients. It’s also pretty obvious that everyone prefers a clean restroom to a dirty one. However, did you know that 94% of people would actively avoid a business in the future if they encountered a dirty restroom? It’s true… and that alone is reason enough that you should regularly clean your office building.


5. Increases Customer Satisfaction

Not only will you emit a more professional look when you keep your office building clean, but you’ll also increase overall customer satisfaction. It’s easy for people to appreciate the small things you do for them when you take pride in your office. While most people won’t directly correlate customer satisfaction to office cleanliness, the subtle impact is enough to make a substantial difference over the years.

6. Boosts Employee Morale

Have you ever been excited to go into a dirty restaurant, office building, or room? Probably not. Nobody reacts well to a mess, which is why office cleanliness has been shown to directly boost employee morale. For some reason, cleanliness also makes people feel like they work in a more important place, which leads to an improvement in dress code, which in turn boosts employee self-esteem, and finally, improves morale. The sense of pride that employees will have when they work in a clean office will directly translate to a desire to succeed, so it’s worth making a small investment to keep things clean.

7. Improves Employee Productivity

As we mentioned, productivity translates to a boost in employee morale and profit in the business. To make sure your employees are as productive as possible, you need to focus on regularly cleaning your office space. Employees will be happier, breathe easier, and feel better in a clean setting, which relates to a direct increase in productivity. When employees are happy and morale is high, so is productivity.

8. Increased Cost-Effectiveness

While it might not seem like hiring a professional cleaning company will increase the overall cost-effectiveness of your company, it will. You’ll save money by regularly cleaning your office when compared to only getting deep cleans once a year, which is pretty surprising to most people. Long-term savings are significantly increased with regular cleanings and may even help you prevent major problems from developing. Mold is expensive to remove, carpets are a fortune to replace, and excessive dirt will quickly ruin office furniture.

9. Less In-House Stress

Finally, you’ll have less in-house stress from cleaning up every night. Employees will be able to focus more on their work and less on making sure their workspace is tidy before heading home. Adding in-house cleaning to your employee’s list of things to do not only creates anxiety but also reduces productivity and in turn, lowers valuable profit for your business.

How Often Should you Schedule Regular Office Cleanings?

Contrary to what you might think, hiring a professional office cleaner won’t interfere with your regular workday. Many companies, like Bee Line Support, will work with your schedule to make sure that your office is cleaned at the most convenient times for your company’s productivity, including nights. The frequency of professional cleaning needs will depend on the need, so it’s best to analyze yours and find a schedule that will give you the most return on your investment. Most offices opt to have a professional cleaning come in nightly to take care of the small, housekeeping cleaning items. Then, once a month or more, it’s recommended to get a deep clean that includes sanitization, carpet shampooing, and even duct cleaning.

When you’re looking for a professional office cleaning company, trust is essential—especially if you’d prefer night cleanings. Luckily, Bee Line Support is here to help give your office the cleaning it needs while simultaneously protecting your employees. At Bee Line Support, we use state-of-the-art HEPA filter vacuums, Green Seal-certified disinfectants, and microfiber towels to eliminate bacteria completely. Bee Line Support also offers upholstery-cleaning services, commercial carpet cleaning services, industrial cleaning, and vacuuming, garbage removal, and comprehensive corporate janitorial services. To make sure that no spot goes un-cleaned, Bee Line Support uses quality control cleaning, routine management inspections, and continual onsite training for our employees. Learn more about Bee Line’s corporate cleaning procedures download our brochure.

Call Bee Line Support at 312-BEE-LINE or message us today to get started on the path to cleanliness!


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