What to Look for When Hiring a Cleaning Company for Your Healthcare Facility

Did you know that 1 out of every 25 patients that stay in a healthcare facility will contract at least one infection during their hospital stay? (New England Journal of Medicine) That’s just nasty.

As frightening as that stat might be, this issue can be overcome. One of the biggest factors in determining a facility’s infection risk is its cleanliness.

The first line of defense? The cleaning crew, a healthcare facility’s fearless pathogen warriors. Their dependability and education are the dividing lines between patients and an infection-filled warzone. With cleaning staff sanitizing room after room, it is imperative that they have proper training and processes to avoid carrying loose pathogens from one area to another. Trust us, nobody enjoys other people’s leftovers.

So, how can you know whether a cleaning company is equipped with the knowledge and wherewithal to get the job done correctly? Every time?

Check for Certified Management

One of the most sure-fire signs that your cleaning crew is the best of the best is to check if they have highly certified management.

The Association for the Healthcare Environment (AHE) provides a Certificate of Mastery in Infection Prevention, or CMIP, which is a rigorous three-phase program that provides graduates with the comprehensive ability to facilitate infection prevention care in all clinical environments, as well as train their staff.

In other words, CMIP holders mean business, and are your best bet for guaranteeing that your space gets cleaned effectively. You should look for companies that have certified management, such as Safety and Operations Managers, with this accreditation.

Some things that they understand (and that others don’t):

* They know the ins and outs of microorganisms, A.K.A. viruses, bacteria, fungi, and pathogens. They specifically know what chemicals to use to make them disappear.

* They also know the secret sauce for applying the cleaning solutions, such as how long to let them sit, when and where to apply them, and all kinds of other wizardry.

* Exactly how diseases get transmitted and what precautions to take to avoid spreading, including:

  • Hand hygiene
  • Cleaning High Touch Surfaces
  • Use of Personal Protective Equipment
  • Respiratory Hygiene
  • Hazardous waste handling
  • Environmental Awareness

Not only are these managers experts in infection annihilation, but they are also well-equipped trainers, so they can properly teach the company’s frontline, and offer guidance whenever necessary.

Making the right choice in a healthcare cleaning company can truly mean the difference between sickness and health! Create a safer environment for your patients and staff by working with Bee Line Support.

When health is on the line, you want a qualified company that you can trust to put those pesky pathogens in their place. Don’t wait any longer!

Call Bee Line Support at 312-BEE-LINE or message us today to get started on the path to cleanliness!

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