Bee Line's 2020 Wins and Reflections

Farewell 2020 and Welcome the New Year! 

As eager as many of us are to say “so long” to 2020 we wanted to reflect on the year and some of the good that it brought.

Although the year started with some unexpected events like the pandemic, we didn’t let it slow us down for a second! We came together to learn everything we could about the Coronavirus. What is it? How do we protect against it? And how do we properly disinfect it

In addition, we doubled down on our recruiting efforts to cover the surge of new cleaning requests. We sent weekly communications to all customers and employees. We got REALLY good at Zoom meetings, and our own team even volunteered to build masks when there was a shortage! 

We perfected our disinfectant misting procedures, and then as we carefully returned to the office we made sure to celebrate our incredible frontline cleaners through weekly spotlights, years of service, and internal growth stories. 

We passed out branded masks to everyone while also making sure to have some fun by inviting dogs to the office, smashing birthday pinatas, and Bee Line vespa-ing. 

Our new company values launched, and through the good and bad times, we have grown as leaders in the industry and have grown as a company and a team throughout all of 2020.

Thank you for being a part of our journey, and we wish you all a happy & prosperous 2021!