A Day in the Life of a Support Team Member

At Bee Line, we’re serious about providing the best service for every client, every time. But how can we make sure we’re covering all of our sites? With our secret weapons, our Support Team Members. 

As a Support Team Member, you’ll begin your day by checking in at your satellite office. If needed, you will gather supplies and cleaning agents. You will be dispatched by your manager, who will inform you of your route for the day. 

Each support team member receives access to an app to help track miles and keep routes in check. Then it’s off to your first stop! 

At Bee Line, Support Team Members cover many miles per night, all reimbursed by the company. Once the Support Team Member gets to a location, you will clock in. Then you will clean the site using our medical-grade cleaning techniques which we’ll be sure you’re trained on from day one. 

Through your shifts, you’ll be in constant communication with management. Once you’re finished cleaning the first site, you’ll clock out and head to the next location. 

Once the Support Team Member is finished at their last location, you’ll write up a daily report of everything you’ve completed signaling a job well done! 

In addition to great pay and variety in your days, Support Team Members also look forward to many great benefits. If this sounds like a job you’d thrive at, call the number below or submit an application on our website.