How to Prepare Yourself and Your Environment For Flu Season

Flu season. It’s closing in on us, folks, and as much as we’d love to ignore it, it’s time to suit up for the battle ahead.

If you tuned into the news at the end of last year, you’re probably aware that the past flu season (October 2017-April 2018) was a brutal one. With one of the highest cases of outpatient visits since 2008, the flu bug was busy wreaking havoc throughout homes, schools, and office buildings alike.  

Although it may seem a little premature to lecture on about flu season now, it is critical to get the conversation started ASAP. As the saying goes, the best defense is a strong offense, which couldn’t be truer when talking about such a contagious bug. To stay on the offensive, now is the time to recruit the help you need to stay healthy all season, and learn the facts you need to arm yourself and your family for the fight ahead!  

It’s Go Time! Defend Yourself Today: 

Clean. Your. Space

If there’s one thing contagious viruses love, it’s cramped, high-trafficked areas. You know the kind: office buildings, living complexes, subways, classrooms, restaurants, shopping centers… all the places that we spend large portions of our day in.

And once one person introduces the bug to this environment, it’s only a matter of time before that sucker spreads. One of the best preventative measures that decision makers in these facilities can take is to call in professionals to stop the problem before it starts.

I’m talking about a certified cleaning company that knows these attackers inside and out. Whether you’re cleaning your home, your office, your school, or a hospital or corporation, hiring a professional cleaning company, such as Bee Line Support, could be one of the best decisions you make for your health and the health of those around you. Here is a list of credential to consider when searching for a cleaning company (all of which Bee Line Support possesses):

  1. CMIP Certified Managers and onsite training of all employees

  2. Comprehensive infectious control guidelines and standards

  3. Advanced infection control technology and cleaning equipment

  4. Partnership with ImageFIRST (or similar laundering company) to provide sealed and sanitized cleaning equipment for every site

  5. Routine management inspections to ensure continued excellence

Even if you’re not the person in charge of hiring the big guns to clean your facility, it is imperative that you share this message with someone who is, and get a qualified crew on your team. Your health and the health of those around you relies on it!  

Shots, Shots, Shots!

Another preventative measure that anyone can take to fight the flu bug is to get a flu shot. Every year, flu vaccines from the previous season are studied and updated to fight the latest strain of virus, helping your immune system prepare itself for any rough roads ahead.

If you are interested in getting vaccinated, check out this vaccine finder to locate your nearest provider. You can also get nasal spray if the thought of a shot in your arm gives you the heebie-jeebies.

In General, Don’t Be Disgusting

I’m not even going to sugarcoat this one. We all know that influenza spreads easily, which is why the CDC encourages us all to practice “Respiratory Hygiene”, a nice way of saying “Don’t Be Disgusting”. Some pointers include:

  1. Wash Yo Hands! (and do it properly, please)

  2. Cover your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze

  3. Avoid close contact when possible (sorry, but we’re going to have to advise against mosh pits over the next couple of months)

  4. Avoid high-touch surfaces, such as door handles, dispenser handles, etc. And if you do encounter high touch points often, please refer back to bullet #1.

Be on The Lookout for Warning Signs

Keep an eye and an ear out for any of the symptoms that might signal an oncoming illness. If any of these warning signs do arise, seek medical attention as soon as possible to fight these adversaries head-on.   

  1. Fatigue

  2. Body aches and chills

  3. Sore Throat

  4. Stomach Pain

  5. Fever

  6. Coughing

So, are you ready to work with a certified company that has the expertise to put those pesky pathogens in their place? Don’t wait any longer!

Call Bee Line Support at 312-BEE-LINE or message us today to get started on the path to cleanliness!  

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