Revolutionizing Cleaning: Inside Bee Line’s State-of-the-Art Training Center

We are thrilled to announce an exciting development that’s transforming the landscape of infection prevention training in Chicago. Our company, recognized for its exceptional medical-grade cleaning services, has recently inaugurated the OR Cleaning Training Center. This facility isn’t just another addition to our infrastructure; it’s a pivotal step in advancing hands-on training in infection control, a true revolution in our industry.

Our Commitment to Training

We firmly believe that training lies at the heart of our operations. Our CEO, Jamie Henry, has always maintained that “training is at the core of what we do.” The establishment of this new training center is a testament to our unwavering commitment to enhancing our team’s capabilities. In an era where health and safety are paramount, our focus on rigorous training is essential to minimize and ideally eliminate the risks of infectious outbreaks in healthcare facilities.

A Training Experience Like No Other

Our Training Center is designed to replicate the real-world environment of a hospital. It features accurate models of an operating room, an exam room, and a lavatory, directly mirroring those in some of Illinois’ top medical systems. This realistic setting is where our team members receive comprehensive training in infection prevention, deep cleaning, and disinfection techniques. The immersive experience at the center is crucial in preparing our staff to uphold the highest standards of cleanliness and safety in any setting they service.

Extending Our Expertise Beyond Healthcare

Although our roots are in healthcare cleaning, our expertise isn’t confined to this area alone. We bring the same level of dedication and high standards to cleaning schools, banks, offices, corporate facilities, warehouses, distribution and cold storage facilities, and labs and cleanrooms. Our services range from deep cleaning to specialized coronavirus disinfection misting. Regardless of the space, our objective remains consistent: to achieve and maintain the Bee Line standard of cleanliness.

A Pioneering Step in the Industry

Our OR Cleaning Training Center is the first of its kind in the commercial cleaning sector. This facility enables us to provide enhanced educational opportunities to our staff, which is particularly vital in the current post-pandemic environment. By hosting regular training sessions, we ensure that our employees are always ready to deliver the highest levels of cleanliness and safety to our clients across various sectors.

About Bee Line Support

Since our inception in 1966, Bee Line Support has evolved from a small appliance repair shop to a leader in the cleaning industry, now employing over 550 people across Chicagoland, Wisconsin, and Indiana. Our headquarters in Chicago’s vibrant Pilsen neighborhood, is a hub of activity and innovation. As a certified provider of medical-grade cleaning services, we pride ourselves on offering efficient cleaning solutions, cutting-edge technology, and immediate customer service.

Learn More and Get in Touch

For more information about Bee Line Support’s advanced cleaning services and our groundbreaking training facility, we invite you to visit our website at For media inquiries or to discuss your specific cleaning requirements, please reach out to us by calling 312-BEE-LINE.

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