What Should Reliable Surgical Cleaning Include?

Surgical rooms require pristine conditions that are free from excess pathogens, bacteria, and viruses. This decreases the risk of complications and healthcare-related problems for the patients and medical staff on-site. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cleaning procedures in the operating room need to be carried out based on the overall risk of pathogen transmission in any given environment. This helps keep vulnerable patients safe and minimizes the risk of cross-contamination. To make sure that your operating room is getting the disinfection it needs, it’s important to work with a reputable, reliable surgical cleaning company. Reliable surgical cleaners understand how to calculate risk based on several factors and then apply the proper cleaning frequency and method to ensure that the environment is safely prepared for the next patient. To help you find the right professional company, look for some of the following indications of reliable surgical cleaning. 

Trustworthy Cleaning Capabilities

When you hire a professional surgical cleaning company, it’s important that you trust them to do their job. This is especially true in regard to surgical facilities or if you need cleanroom cleaning and sterilization. Unfortunately, without the proper auditing system in place, it can be difficult to know whether germs and pathogens are being eradicated efficiently.

One of the best ways to ensure that your surgical facility and surgical rooms are meticulously cleaned and disinfected is through the use of High-Level Black Light Auditing. VeriClean technology is a state-of-the-art fluorescent auditing tool that uncovers the true effectiveness and thoroughness of a clean. Bee Line is one of the few comprehensive cleaning companies to use Black Light Auditing to ensure that the total disinfection of all surgery terminals and equipment cleaning has been completed. This allows us to guarantee that your space will be left spotless, thus increasing your trust in our ongoing cleaning capabilities. Bee Line works to keep everyone within a surgical facility safe and protected from harmful germs and pathogens.  

Professional Certifications

One thing that sets reliable surgical cleaning companies apart from the rest is the professional certifications that their staff holds. The Certification Training for Surgical Cleaning Technicians (CSCT) is one way for cleaning professionals to surpass previous standards of cleaning. The CSCT certification program was created by the Association for Health Care Environment (AHE) to help cleaning professionals gain a better understanding of how to manage pathogens while utilizing innovative techniques to clean and sanitize surgical rooms. This training combines resourceful tactics and proven methods to help your facility run safely and smoothly. This includes understanding how to execute the proper sterile room cleaning and disinfection techniques, how to practice standard operating room procedures to prevent pathogen transmission, how to use critical thinking skills specific to OR rooms, and how to communicate effectively with nurses, surgeons, and surgical facility teams. Certifications are only given to individuals who demonstrate that they’ve acquired an in-depth knowledge of the high standards of surgical cleaning that are taught throughout the three-day workshop.

Bee Line is one of the only certified medical-grade cleaning companies in the region. Our staff is fully qualified and carries various certifications to ensure that your surgical room is disinfected in the safest way possible. We also provide a Certified Manager who carries a Certificate of Mastery in Infection Prevention (CMIP) for all surgical sites. This means that you’ll have cleaning professionals who carry vast knowledge in microbiology, training, medical cleaning standards, and surgical cleaning so germs in your surgical facility are tackled properly. The certification process to obtain a CMIP requires completion of a rigorous, three-phase program that teaches individuals how to facilitate infection prevention care, train fellow cleaning staff on infection prevention, and audit the space for cleanliness. CMIP managers are vital to achieving a safe, disinfected surgical room. 

Expert Training Programs

Operating rooms require higher than average sanitization and proper cleaning procedures to help decrease the risk of vulnerable patients from exposure to harmful pathogens. To reduce the chance of subpar disinfection, your professional cleaning company should offer expert training programs to their staff. One of the best ways to offer surgical room training is to practice cleaning ORs without risk. Bee Line has built a medical exam suite and bathroom that precisely mimics a real-life exam room. It includes all of the same details, dimensions, equipment, and has the functionality of an actual medical facility. This allows us to train our cleaners, management, and leaders on CDC-approved cleaning standards for medical facilities. This includes cleaning for unrestricted, semi-restricted, and restricted zones within an operating room. Since cleaning and disinfection for infectious regulated medical waste need to occur rapidly and often to improve the efficiency of an operating room, it’s important to trust that your cleaners know exactly what they’re doing. 

Infection Control Protocols

Infection control never stops evolving, so make sure you find a cleaning company that is continually looking for trends, changes, and updates in how to best mitigate the transmission of pathogens. Bee Line adapts to advancements in pathogen control and principles and holds our staff 100% accountable, 100% of the time. We are committed to safety and follow strict protocols to keep our staff, operating room, and your facility healthy and free from infection and body fluids.

Reduce Stress of Medical Workers

Surgical cleaning companies are meant to help ease the stress of medical workers, not increase it. Look for ways that prospective cleaning companies can help ensure your staff is supported, protected, and prioritized throughout the partnership. A reliable surgical cleaning company should take care of surface-level cleaning, housekeeping, disinfecting, and utilize intricate misting technology where applicable. All of these actions help decrease the work of medical workers, thus giving them more time to focus on their job at hand. If you want your medical staff to feel safe when returning to work, hiring a certified medical cleaning company is non-negotiable. 

A Commitment to Safety

In addition to having a fully certified and trained team of professional employees, reputable surgical cleaners need to use the right materials to improve the efficacy and safety of disinfectants. One way to do this is to partner with a high-quality company that ensures close to absolute sanitization. Bee Line partners with ImageFIRST to assure that all of our supplies are 99.999% clean of common pathogens. Their Triple BioShield Protection technology ensures that bacteria winds up “dead on contact” for every cloth and rag used. They also provide brand-new, individually wrapped, and sealed cleaning linens for every job to ensure zero cross-contamination. Bee Line is a surgical cleaning company that’s committed to safety at every step. 

Emergency Access Services

Surgical facilities don’t stop working, so neither should a reliable surgical cleaner. If you need something cleaned in the middle of the night, it’s important to know that you’ll be covered. That’s why Bee Line offers 24/7 emergency services to keep surprise spills and monumental messes under control.  

When hiring a surgical cleaning company, make sure that you ask the right questions and don’t be afraid to verify their certifications. Surgical cleaning requires unparalleled attention to detail to keep patients and staff safe and healthy while on-site. Bee Line is a certified medical-grade cleaning company equipped with the knowledge, supplies, and protocol necessary for cleaning surgical facilities. We’re dedicated to delivering the highest standards of surgical cleaning. To learn more, receive a quote, or employ our emergency services contact Bee Line today by calling 312-BEE-LINE. 


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