What Type of Flooring Do I Have? Your Ultimate Guide to Floor Type

There are so many types of flooring out there that it would be impossible to list them all. For commercial and industrial spaces, in particular, flooring needs to be durable and ready to withstand the traffic in busy places such as airport terminals, schools, restaurants, hospitals, and more. Because of this, certain flooring materials make more sense than others for these spaces. Terrazzo, quarry tile, vinyl, epoxy flooring, carpet tiles, and rubber flooring are the most popular, though of course, other floor types aren’t all that uncommon to run into.

Before we go into how to take care of these floors and why they are of such benefit, take a look at the infographic we built out for your use! If you enjoy it, you can click on the image to print it out (you’d be surprised when it can come in handy!)

Bee Line’s Commercial Flooring Guide:

Love this infographic? Go ahead and print it out by clicking on the image!

Proper Care for your Commercial Floors

Your business establishment probably experiences a significant amount of foot traffic on a daily basis. And let’s face it, those shoes on your floor are not squeaky clean. While you probably won’t want to read this recent USA Today article while sitting at the breakfast table, it is definitely worth a read. And, regardless, we’re going to tell you what it says now, so maybe finish your omelet before you read on, because did you know that 96% of shoes contain traces of fecal matter?

Yep, we had a similar reaction to yours – GROSS! Sadly, though, it is true. The article goes on to discuss that the fecal bacteria usually gets onto shoes in the first place from contact with floors in public restrooms, or when walking outdoors. But the worst part is that the study also indicates that the transfer of these bacteria from shoes to flooring is 90% to 99%. So if this doesn’t beg the question of how much attention you need to give to ensuring your commercial floors are cleaned regularly, perhaps nothing will.

So back to that cookie. We won’t send you a free cookie, but we here at Bee Line Support do want to help you limit the amount of dirt and bacteria on your floors. So, we’ll be happy to offer you and your business 20% off your first 360-degree misting application. If you want to do some day to day cleaning of your floors, however, then you want to make sure that you making note of the type of floor you have, and cleaning them properly. Not all floors should be treated and cleaned in the same way.

Cleaning Your Commercial Carpet

Most non-carpeted floors (note that we said most) can be cleaned with a material-appropriate cleanser and a mop. Just make sure that before you apply any cleaner to the floor, that you test it in an inconspicuous place first to make sure that there is no discoloration of the surface. Make sure too that before wet-mopping, that you are dry-mopping the surface at the beginning or end of each business day. This will keep the dust at bay which is better to help employees keep their allergies under control when at work.

It is important that you regularly vacuum commercial carpeting to prolong its life. And, don’t just vacuum those high traffic areas. It might mean getting on your hands and knees with a portable unit, but you need to get into all of those nooks and crannies that come with office cube-land. And seriously, no one wants to see a dust-bunny on the floor of their favorite bar or lounge – NASTY. So, get vacuuming, stat.

Regular shampooing will also be needed if you have a lot of foot traffic. You can use a solution of carpet cleaning shampoo mixed with water per the product directions, and then start cleaning in a four x four-foot area with an automated floor brush, working the area in a circular motion. The foam should diminish as you continue to clean. Be sure to follow this with a hot water extraction method to rid the carpet of deep-rooted stains. Then, set up commercial air dryers to quickly dry the floor and ensure that you can resume walking on it as soon as possible.

Clean Frequently and Take Preventative Measures

Unless you want to cover every square inch of your flooring with clear plastic runners (and in that case, you might as well just close up shop or work in a plastic bubble), you will need to engage in frequent cleaning to prong the life of the floor and to keep the space clear of allergens and dust particles. In addition to your daily vacuuming of carpeting and dry-mopping of other floor surfaces, you should schedule restorative cleanings for any of your commercial with a commercial cleaner such as Bee Line Support, at least once if not twice a year.

Even the most aged of floors can be restored. Taking preventative steps to keep your flooring clean (such as using mats to catch dirt) will pay off in the long run, and will help keep your business looking clean and professional. Since you can’t stop where your employees or customers shoes go when they are not at your business, the only way to keep those floors clean, is, well, to clean. So either get out the vacuum and dust-mop or send us an email at sales@beelinesupport.com. Our busy bees will be happy to help!

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