A Day in the Life of a Janitorial Team Member

Bee Line Support takes providing our clients with the best cleaning services out there very seriously. So how can we ensure our cleaners are ready to rise above the rest? By thoroughly interviewing, training, and communicating with every employee we bring on. 

As a janitorial team member, you’ll begin your day as soon as you reach your assigned location. Because of the wide variety of clients Bee Line works with, you may be working at a bank, surgical suite, or even a manufacturing plant. 

Each janitorial team member receives access to an app that lets them clock in, clock out, and keep track of their pay and benefits. After you clock in, you’ll begin to clean the site using our medical-grade cleaning techniques, which we’ll be sure you’re trained on from day one. Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned the first room or site you’re appointed to, you’ll gather your supplies and move to the next. 

Some of our janitorial team members will stay at one location for their entire shift, while others will have a daily route where they’re cleaning multiple locations. 

Throughout your shift, you’ll be able to communicate with your manager to ensure the facility is left sparkling. At the end of your shift, you’ll clock out, indicating a job well done. 

In addition to great pay, fulfilling work, and steadfast support from Bee Line, janitorial team members have many great benefits to look forward to. Does it sound like a job you thrive at? If so, call us today or submit an application on our website.

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