International Women's Day: What's your favorite part about working for a woman-owned company?

What Is Your Favorite Part About Working for a Woman-Owned Company? 

“The consideration to have a good work-life balance.” 
“It’s incredibly inspiring to get to work for both an inspiring woman and a woman owned company. I think we’re just very progressive and are seeing huge growth exciting new initiatives, and are completely changing the face of our industry, a lot of which is owed to being a woman-owned company.” 
“It’s inspiring we have a powerful and diverse team, a clear vision, mutual accountability and a great culture” 
“Being part of the decision making amongst so many other women” 
“The mentorship and being able to look up to really strong women” 
“It inspires motivation and creativity when you are a part of an employer who recognizes diversity and equality in the workplace. A place that acknowledges the balance between our professional career and the responsibilities as a woman and a mother”