Bee Line's Insider Secrets: How long is the wait for cleaning supplies?

How long is the wait for cleaning supplies?

One of the many questions we’ve received here at Bee Line during the pandemic is about the availability of cleaning supplies, particularly the ever-elusive Clorox wipes. When will those ever be on the shelves again? I’m going to share with you what we know as an inside scoop from all of our vendors and manufacturers. First things first, in regard to the wipes we were told that manufacturers should have these on the shelves again by the second quarter of 2021. As far as cleaning chemicals themselves, we are completely caught up on all our back orders and don’t anticipate any back orders in the near future. And gloves, oh gloves! Unfortunately, our prices for the manufacturers have more than tripled on the gloves for cleaners, and we don’t expect to see that change anytime soon. As far as masks, we’re all set! We have thousands of surgical masks and then we also have our own custom Bee Line masks for everybody. Hand sanitizer was a problem in the beginning stages, but now there’s a surplus. You can pick your brand, and there’s plenty of hand sanitizer available. I hope this is helpful to you! We are here to help you keep your sites clean and safe, and keep you in-the-know throughout.”

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