Bee Line's Insider Secrets: How to Adapt Your Cleaning and Training Approaches During COVID19

Insider Secrets with Our Safety and Compliance Manager 

Today we will hear from our Safety and Compliance manager at Beeline Support. 

As more businesses start to reopen and the public gets fully vaccinated, we’re starting to get back to a level of normalcy. However, we still have a ways to go. The variance of the virus has recently caused hospitals around the world to become overwhelmed with very sick patients. 

At Bee Line Support, we have not let up in our efforts to help prevent the spread of the virus since the start of the pandemic. We relied on a holistic approach to our cleaning and disinfecting method early on. We identified the best way to try to clean this virus, and how to use those strategies to help keep our employees and clients safe as a service provider. With so many clients in the acute healthcare field, we have been allowed to use our expertise and apply it to many healthcare sites

We heavily rely on broad-spectrum disinfectants for the healthcare facilities we serve to prevent healthcare-associated infections from occurring as well as any type of epidemic. These are the same products that allowed us to implement similar strategies for many of our non-healthcare clients who either had a breakout of infected individuals or who wanted to maintain a safe environment for their customers and staff. 

The training of our employees was very critical during the pandemic as we were constantly updating our staff on certain guidelines and changes to procedures regarding infection prevention, and taking control of measures that were always at play during a routine work process at all of the facilities we serviced. We were persistent in educating our staff on the importance of hand hygiene and personal protective equipment and also stayed up to date on the changes to the necessary precautions to keep our employees safe and to prevent the spread of the virus.